Getting Started With Microsoft Powerpoint 2016


PowerPoint is an introduction program that enables you to make dynamic slide introductions. These introductions can incorporate movement, portrayal, pictures, recordings, and substantially more. In this lesson, you’ll take in your way around the PowerPoint condition, including the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and Backstage view.

Becoming more acquainted with PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2016 is like PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2010. In the event that you’ve beforehand utilized these variants, PowerPoint 2016 should feel commonplace. In any case, on the off chance that you are new to PowerPoint or have more involvement with more seasoned variants, you should first set aside some opportunity to get comfortable with the PowerPoint 2016 interface.

The PowerPoint interface

When you open PowerPoint out of the blue, the Start Screen will show up. From here, you’ll have the capacity to make another introduction, pick a layout, and access your as of late altered introductions. From the Start Screen, find and select Blank Presentation to get to the PowerPoint interface.

Creating a blank presentation

Working with the PowerPoint condition

The Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar are the place you will discover the orders to perform basic undertakings in PowerPoint. Backstage view gives you different alternatives for sparing, opening a record, printing, and sharing your archive.

The Ribbon

PowerPoint utilizes a selected Ribbon framework rather than customary menus. The Ribbon contains different tabs, each with a few gatherings of charges. For instance, the Font aggregate on the Home tab contains orders for organizing content in your report.

  • Gatherings on the Ribbon

Groups on the Ribbon

  • A few gatherings additionally have a little bolt in the base right corner that you can click for considerably more choices.

More options in groups

  • More choices in gatherings

Appearing and concealing the Ribbon

The Ribbon is intended to react to your present undertaking, however you can limit it on the off chance that you find that it takes up excessively screen space. Tap the Ribbon Display Options bolt in the upper-right corner of the Ribbon to show the drop-down menu.

Ribbon Display Options

Lace Display Options

  • Auto-conceal Ribbon: Auto-cover up shows your exercise manual in full-screen mode and totally shrouds the Ribbon. To demonstrate the Ribbon, tap the Expand Ribbon charge at the highest point of screen.
  • Show Tabs: This alternative shrouds all order bunches when they’re not being used, but rather tabs will stay obvious. To demonstrate the Ribbon, basically click a tab.
  • Show Tabs and Commands: This alternative amplifies the Ribbon. The majority of the tabs and orders will be obvious. This alternative is chosen as a matter of course when you open PowerPoint out of the blue.

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Getting Started With Microsoft Powerpoint 2016

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